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About Me: 12 truths 3 lies...you decide.

The first video I ever produced, directed and edited was for a Guatemalan Boy Band

In a recent shoot we brought  a Clydsdale into an office, put peanut butter on his lips because the handler said it would make him look like he was talking and instead it made him (the horse) mad. He kicked right through the couch that was behind him....art department was NOT amused.

My dog  @wallybdoodle has an agent

...and I don't.

He also has more instagram followers

than I do...so theres that.

I  produced a documentary project for "at risk" kids where we gave them cameras to document their lives and taught them the basics of filmmaking every week.  At the end of the project only 2 cameras were still in play.

I was chosen as one of the top 50 directors for Ben Affleck & Matt Damon's second Project Greenlight

When shooting on a volcano in Guatemala it started to erupt and our guide said in broken english "is OK no problemo" so we kept shooting.

Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, Sopranos) compared one of my dolly shots inVan Vorst Park to my idol Martin Scorcese's. That was cool...till he forgot his mic was still on and he made a joke about somebody having to push me on it. 

I was the winner of the first "Shooting Star" Award at the Garden State Film Festival and have been trying to live up to it ever since.

We shot on the Brooklyn Bridge till 4 AM... one of the stars of the music video brought along his ten year old daughter. She fell asleep on top of the cases for the lights so when we were done we just let her sleep and wheeled her down the bridge covered in sound blankets.

I learned to edit on Final Cut Pro while reading lips...in Spanish.

We shot an interview with a 100 year old woman who could remember the time before cars  and she knew all about Twitter.

I bought a drone and lost it in Iceland.

"Van Vorst Park"



Garden State 

Film Festival

"Van Vorst Park"



Beverly Hills

Film Festival

"Van Vorst Park"



Whistler Film Festival

British Columbia